Vega International Tools has been offering Nachi cutting tools since 1973 A winning partnership, thanks to the extraordinary quality of the milling and drilling products, their recognised ability to optimise the production cycle and significantly reduce precision machining costs.


Garr Tool Company is committed to manufacturing the highest quality carbide cutting tools, offering competitive prices and providing unequaled customer service.


Since 1973 in Italy, Nikken is synonymous with Vega, and vice versa. The solidity of this relationship is demonstrated by the constant collaboration and exchange of experiences that strengthen a partnership that centres on quality, reliability and attention to detail.


Hard metal milling and drilling: Vega International Tools has opened up the Italian market to SGS cutting tools, where it found the appreciation of a vast and heterogeneous clientele. A continuous confirmation of the quality and reliability of the products of this American company, which has been operating for more than 30 years, and that is known internationally for the reliability and precision of its tools.


Nakanishi and Vega International Tools share a passion for quality, for precision and for continuous improvement. Since Vega introduced this brand to the world of Italian mechanics in the early eighties, the partnership has become stronger and Nakanishi's production has maintained levels of absolute excellence.


High quality clamping systems from Switzerland: for Vega International Tools, an important complement to its equipment range for machine tools.


Vega International Tools has opened the doors to the Italian market for the precision tool sharpening machines used by the main American industrial groups. An extremely reliable product that became a perfect compliment to our range.


A recent partnership with a large multinational Japanese group that is a leader ceramics: NTK products enhance Vega International Tools’s offer with a wide and varied range of inserts and small parts. These high quality products make our commercial offer even more complete.


An international colossus, a strong presence in Italian industry: Vega International Tools represents this brand in Piedmont, based on a relationship with the Italian subsidiary (Sumitomo Italia). 


Deburrers, rollers and recessers:  Cogsdill's experience represents an important expansion of the finishing tool range offered by Vega International Tools. A brand that combines almost a century of experience with the ability to keep up with the changes in mechanics.

Swiss Tools

SWISS TOOLS is a medium-sized Swiss company that is also active in international markets (it also has a representative office in Beijing), and is specialised in the development, production and marketing of tool holding systems. The offices and productive facilities of this company are located in Bürglen, a few kilometres from Lake Constance.  


The Bass thread tools are produced in our factory in Niederstetten. Our highly specialised operators produce state-of-the-art tools based on our conditions. Therefore we guarantee a consistently high-quality product. Constant research and motivation to develop new products are guaranteed by the high technical professionalism of Bass personnel.