The Bass thread tools are produced in our factory in Niederstetten. Our highly specialised operators produce state-of-the-art tools based on our conditions. Therefore we guarantee a consistently high-quality product. Constant research and motivation to develop new products are guaranteed by the high technical professionalism of Bass personnel.

Our goal is to:

  • minimise the cost per produced thread
  • improve product quality
  • optimise the production cycle

Since 1947, BASS is an active family operated company that exports tapping tools all over the world. We design, produce and sell high performance tapping tools for all types of materials and in all the requested sizes. For our customers we are the specialists they turn to and the partners they rely on for an efficient and safe standard tapping process as well as for special solutions.
All over the world, BASS is the brand that represents constantly high quality and development in the production of tapping tools. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production, we have the best conditions for manufacturing high-quality taps. All of our newsletters (bassianers) provide a high-level image of our quality and our management system, which is permanently evolving.
All of the internal processes at BASS are targeted towards reaching maximum quality and satisfaction, supported by standards EN ISO 9001:2008, VDA 6.4 and EN ISO 14001:2004
Our main objective is customer satisfaction. To reach it, we work constantly and inflexibly. Thanks to the performance of our taps, we help our customers to:

  • reduce their thread costs
  • increase the quality of their products
  • optimise their production processes

thereby contributing in the best way to their successes.

Our main objective is to establish a profitable, long-term collaboration. Our partnerships are based on trust and mutual appreciation. Our partners are customers, suppliers and staff, as well as the people of our region of Hohenlohe-Franconia; especially in Niederstetten, where our factory is located.
We grow together with our partners, giving and receiving knowledge. We are anxious to recognise and fulfil the needs of our partners.
BASS aims for a long-term superior development in the market for tapping tools. We can obtain this results through ambitious objectives and a dynamic and consequent transposition of our strategy to all sectors. Thanks to the special attention of every "Bassianer" we are working permanently on tomorrow's solutions, which can also lead to trying new, technological methods.
We are working hard to make BASS an important brand for the production of high performance taps all over the world.

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