Nakanishi and Vega International Tools share a passion for quality, for precision and for continuous improvement. Since Vega introduced this brand to the world of Italian mechanics in the early eighties, the partnership has become stronger and Nakanishi's production has maintained levels of absolute excellence.


Established in 1930 by Keiichi Nakanishi, the grandfather of the company's current chairman, the company has always positioned itself as an avant garde manufacturer of high speed rotary motors for the dental market. After the Second World War, the business was moved from Tokyo to Kanuma, where the company's headquarters are still located.

In the early eighties, experience in microprocessing was also transferred to precision mechanics, expanding the markets and the product offer. Today, production dedicated to mechanics represents approx 10% of total sales, which is around 163 million dollars. The vocation for export is part of this company's DNA: 75% of its sales are from 120 countries where the Nakanishi brand is sold through its own subsidiaries or sales agencies.
Thanks to constant developments in research and development and a company philosophy based on quality and an almost obsessive control of the production processes (85% of production is developed in-house), Nakanishi electrospindles are recognised and appreciated due to the excellent performance levels and sophisticated capabilities that make them suitable for finishing. In addition to these products there are also microtools and manual systems for finishing and polishing, which are widely accepted in precision mechanics.

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