Since 1973 in Italy, Nikken is synonymous with Vega, and vice versa. The solidity of this relationship is demonstrated by the constant collaboration and exchange of experiences that strengthen a partnership that centres on quality, reliability and attention to detail.

Nikken Kosakusho Works is headquartered in Osaka, where it was established in 1958. Since then the company has been expanding constantly, both in terms of production volume as well as  in terms of technological development. Today, Nikken has more than 550 employees and operates all over the world, with offices in Asia, America and Europe, where its subsidiary Nikken Europe operates.

It has an annual production of 500,000 tool holders, 3,500 rotary tables and 250,000 reamers. The Osaka-Daito factory, active since 2004, centralises all the production lines and makes it possible to respond to all the requirements from the international markets.

It is natural to associate the Nikken brand with the word quality, as if it were a second brand: precision, duration and reliability over time are the logical consequence. Nikken tool holders and tables are known for their quality and the guarantee of a long service life. They respond to the requirements of all machining that requires high precision and maximum reliability over time.

Nikken means «learn every day»: constant attention to quality and the continuous search for new technical solutions are the qualifying characteristics of a company that Vega is proud to have introduced to the Italian market.


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