A recent partnership with a large multinational Japanese group that is a leader ceramics: NTK products enhance Vega International Tools’s offer with a wide and varied range of inserts and small parts. These high quality products make our commercial offer even more complete.

A world-wide leader in the manufacturing of spark plugs for spark-ignition engines, the NGK-NTK group was established in 1936 in Nagoya, where the headquarters and main factories are still located today.

All of the group’s most important industrial activities have their origins in the manufacturing of ceramics: This know-how has proven to be fundamental for the company’s success. This material, in fact, can be found in practically all the products produced by the NGK-NTK group. Ceramic is used in spark plugs, in lambda probes, in computers and in mobile phones, in tools and in prostheses. This is because of its unique characteristics of resistance to high temperatures, to abrasion and because it is a particularly light-weight material.

From a size point of view, the NGK-NTK group employs approx. 12,000 people between the parent company and the 36 subsidiaries around the world. In addition to the 4 Japanese factories, NGK-NTK has 11 other production facilities, four research and development centres as well as twenty commercial offices distributed over five continents. It has almost 3 billion dollars of turnover: the Technical Ceramics division, which is responsible for the small parts and insert production, represents slightly less than 10% of overall turnover.



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