An international colossus, a strong presence in Italian industry: Vega International Tools represents this brand in Piedmont, based on a relationship with the Italian subsidiary (Sumitomo Italia). 

Sumitomo is a leading company that supplies highly precise cutting tools to a wide range of customers in the component production sector. The continuous research and development activities associated with the intellectual property and the practical application have made it possible to make great progress in the sector of opto-electronics, electronic systems and the production of energy and new materials. As the largest Japanese manufacturer of electrical cables and wire products, Sumitomo already used hard metal drawing tools in 1928 for the production of copper wires.

The cutting tools were a natural evolution, and starting in the early thirties, Sumitomo established itself as a market leader in the development and application of cutting materials, chip removal and coating technology. Innovations in the sectors of cutting materials in hard metal, ceramic and Cermet, suitable for machining a wide range of materials, have made it possible for Sumitomo Electric to become a market leader in the high performance machining sector.

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