Pursuant to Art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Personal data protection code”, Vega International Tool SpA, the data controller, informs you of the following:

a) The personal data that you provide below will be used exclusively for sending short e-mail information messages and periodical newsletters;

b) The provision of this data is voluntary; however, refusal to provide this information would not permit the registration of your name in our computer data base;

c) The personal data provided, with your consent, may be communicated to companies related to or controlled by our Company or third parties for whom knowledge of your personal data is necessary or in any case relevant to the operations of our Company, subsidiary or related companies or ones with which the Company has contractual relations regarding the production and commercialisation of products offered by our Company. The communication of this information aims to guarantee the continuity of the services offered and to monitor that they function effectively, as well as the delivery of further services;

d) with your consent, your personal data may also be transferred to other countries, including ones outside the European Union, to countries or companies/bodies that in any case guarantee an appropriate level of protection of personal data;

e) the data processor nominated by our Company who answers to the data subject in the event of a request for the exercise of rights, as per Art. 7 Legislative Decree 196/2003, is the head of the Human Resources department;

f) the full, updated list of those responsible may be consulted by the above mentioned data processor, at the Company headquarters of Corso Galileo Ferraris 32, 10128 Turin;

g) data is processed by computer and always in observance of the minimum levels of data security and confidentiality covered by existing Italian regulations.

It should be noted that Art. 7 Legislative Decree 196/2003 grants the person concerned specific rights, including the updating, correction, addition and elimination of the data, by making a specific request to the above mentioned data processor.