Nikken rotary tables

Nikken tables are the ideal tool for any small, medium and large sized mechanical workshop where it is necessary to machine multiple surfaces of a part.

The rotary tables are numerical control electronic devices able to position the part, with millesimal precision, on a machining  centre .

Nikken tables are known world-wide for their resistance, rigidity and rotation speed. This product, which has significantly contributed to Nikken's international success, has been made unique by the mechanics of two fundamental components: the worm screw, in solid hard metal, and the wheel with which it is coupled, treated with an ionic nitriding hardening process.

This coupling reduces friction and increases the life of the mechanism up to 8 times in comparison to the coupling between steel screws and bronze wheels.

Nikken tables can be supplied with a single plate or multiple plates, with different options for the motor assembly position: right, left, rear or upper part. They can be directly controlled by the CNC of the machining centre or alternatively by the external “Alpha 21” control, equipped with the RS232C function for programming the table from the operator's computer, which permits continuous and indexed movements.

The tables have a 24 month warranty, after which Vega International Tools continues to offer a support service that can respond to any machine shutdown. 

The following Nikken tables are available:

  • 4th axis
  • 5th axis