Design and service
customised for our customers

Vega International Tools has strengthened its role in the market with its design and support activities, which make it possible to respond to problems that reduce the efficiency of production processes.

Our technicians are able to guide customers during the phases of part processing and machining cycle analysis to find solutions for different needs.

Depending on the products, our after sales support can be provided directly at the site where the machining takes place or in the equipped workshop of Vega International Tools, in Santena. In some cases, such as when sharpening the cutting tools, the products are sent to certified structures that are able to provide the best guarantee of quality and compliance with the original parameters.


Vega International Tools is able to provide a design support service that optimises the precision machining processes. The studies, which were developed using CAD CAM systems, were carried out in partnership with the technical structures of our customers  and are targeted towards improving the productive efficiency and selecting the most suitable mechanical equipment. At the end of the design phase, the assembly and testing service is followed by training for the machine operator.


Vega International Tools offers a support service able to quickly respond to machine shutdowns. Repairs can be done at the customer site or in our repair department. In both cases, only original spare parts are used and, at the end of testing, a 12 month warranty certificate is issued.